Participation and Collaboration

As a program "Based in relationship" we acknowledge the CCP is only as strong as its contributing members to whom we are immeasurably indebted. For this reason, our program is always in search of new participants—i.e., coach practitioners and simulated clients—who are eager to lend their expertise and continue their own lifelong learning through this work.

The program is similarly strengthened by its diverse collaborations with other colleges/groups/organizations whose inventiveness and vision reveal new applications and/or arenas for clinical communication training.

With these things in mind we invite you to consider your own involvement—as an individual or organization—and follow the links below to learn more.

Have questions and/or ideas to share? Email us:

Program Director— Julie Cary, DVM, MS, DACVS
Program Coordinator—Rachel Jensen, BS, LVT
Simulated Client Coordinator—Daniel L. Haley, MFA