Relationship Building Statements

Relationship Building Statements


PEARLS offers alternative ways to demonstrate empathy, to communicate affirmation or positive regard for the other person, to express your commitment to the relationship and to express your commitment to maintaining a good relationship. PEARLS also offers alternatives to the usual responses or patterns when differences are encountered.


We’ll see this through together

I really want to work on this with you and Ranger


It sounds like that was frightening for you

I can sense your sadness

Great – I can see how happy that made you


You put a lot of work into this filly

You did the right thing coming in now


I so respect your commitment

I’ve always appreciated your ability to stay focused in a crisis


This would be hard for anyone

Who wouldn’t be worried about something like this?


I’d like to help you with this

I want to see you succeed

*From Williamson P (2011) A 4-step model of relationship-centered communication. Adapted by permission from Clark W, Hewson M, Fry M, Shorey J. Communication Skills Reference Card. American Academy on Healthcare Communication; 1998. In Suchman A, Sluyter D, & Williamson P (2011) Leading Change in Healthcare. Radcliffe Medical Press; p 311.